Fantasy One. When I designed this game I was a Final Fantasy 7 die hard! It was developed with VB6 during my free time while I attended college, and worked part-time. It was the largest project that I had ever made.

Rescue Tainks
After the intro you are immediatly thrusted into battle. Battling these two shouldn't be much of a problem though. Upon entering the reactor you find a PowerBall not too far from the entrance. As you move deeper into the headquarters, something will go wrong, and an alarm will go off. A monster enters the picture. It rushes them. PREPARE FOR YOUR FIRST BOSS FIGHT! After the battle Tainks arrives. After this, head back from where you came.

Heading back home
On the train, Tainks begins to act really weird. Once they get off the train, Joe heads off with Tainks and tells Jacks to meet up at the hideout. This is a good time to look and shop around. After entering the hideout Maron is happy to see you. Joe and Tainks enter. There Tainks tells about how they must destroy the reactors of Midel. Afterwards everyone is convinced that Tainks is right. It turns out that the Guru has some nasty things planned for the people of Midel. They decide to head to Reactor #1 in the morning to blow it up. But for now get some rest.

First Mission
After getting up you will notice Joe next to a fire. You'll find out that he had found a PowerBall that contains FireMon. Head up to Reactor #1. When you arrive at the reactor, Maron finds out that they have recently changed the security locks. A soldier comes by, beat him and you get a security card. Soon you'll find yourself at the core. Jacks sets the bomb. From But something goes wrong. Super Soldier has followed you here. You are forced into combat! After the fight Super Soldier is up and going again. Basically RUN! If you don't he will catch you and fight again! Once you reach the exit. The bomb explodes, Super Soldier is caught up in the explosion, and is hurrled into the sea.

A Time To Relax
The gang decides to bypass thier stop, and to go to Sector 6 ( since it is the largest sector ) until things calm down a bit. However Maron makes it clear that she will be going shopping. Once they reach their stop Maron jumps out and trots along, but she is kidnapped by some guys. Jacks and the others can't catch them in time. After asking the towns people questions, you find out that she was kidnapped by The Dons henchmen. In order to enter the building you will have to get the hungry guard some Hot Jelly Donuts. You will find these in the bakery on the east side of town. Once inside, head to the right, Maron is there when Jacks and the others burst in. You are forced into combat with The Dons henchmen. After winning he sends you into the sewers.

Plunged Into the Underground
Everyone wakes up from being knocked out from the fall. Make sure that everyone is stocked up with your best stuff, cause their are some nasty monsters down here! In order to get out of the sewer system simply follow the path until you reach the exit.

Home, Sweet Home
After exiting the sewer you'll notice that you're back in Sector 7. From here head back to the hideout. Once everyone is settled down. A group called Grizzley 5 ( a rank higher than 1st class Warrior ) burst in. After the battle you'll find out that they used a sleeping potion on you. You are taken in.

At Guru Headquaters
When you wake up you'll notice that you are before the Guru himself. He tells of his disgust for you. Then you are taken to your holding cells. The guards slip up. Everyone breaks loose and heads for the exit. Once they reach the exit. They find motorcycles and hop on. You control Jacks in this minigame of motorcycle riding. Afterwards, you find that you have reached the end of Midel.

Goodbye Midel
Everyone decides that it would be best to leave Midel. Head for Shinwood.

Say Hello to Rena
Upon entering Shinwood, you'll notice a little boy being yelled at by a blue haired lady. After talking with her, enter the hospital. You'll learn that they need some energy from a reactor before they can do anything for the little girl. Maron offers to help, Rena learns of their identity, and gladly excepts your help. Rena somehow knows Tainks and Joe, but doesn't say anything about it. Once they reach the reactor, Joe decides to stay out and keep watch. Once you grab a PowerBall, Joe will run in and say that Grizzley 5 is coming. Everyone hides, but you are eventually spotted no thanks to Jacks sinuses. Rena runs, Taffy chases her. The rest of Grizley 5 fight you. After beating them find Rena. Taffy will have her cornered until Jacks and the gang arrive. They send Taffy running. Rena heals the girl, and you sleep there for the night.

I Will Fight Too
In the morning Rena tells you that the girl is doing fine and has a present for you. Once you talk to her she will give you an IceaMon. Head back to Rena's house. Once you arrive you'll find out that Rena wants to join. RENA JOINS YOUR PARTY!!! She says that there is valuable information about Warrior at Pandam Lab. Everyone decides to head there.

A Lab Of Wonders
Once in the lab head up the center hallway. Enter the Plutorian Laboratory. ( The first door to the right. ) Rena gets on the main computer and hacks away! Super Soldier comes down to fight you. After the fight Jacks is very sick and tired of fighting the thing. Everyone decides to meet at Dollet where Jacks will tell them about Super Soldier.

Meeting At Dollet
Upon entering Dollet, the gang will decide to head to Roni's Resturant for Jacks story. It turns out that Super Soldier is a Robot recently produced by Warrior's head in Technology Professor Babbage, and is programmed to hunt down Storm. It also get's stronger after every fight. After Jacks is done with his story, head to Corel Port.

Crossing the sea from Corel Port
Head to the dock and hop aboard the ship. Once aboard and sailing away, the scene will switch over to the Guru's private room where something seems to be wrong. You'll find out that they know someone is onboard other than them. As it turns out it's not you. The Guru and his soldiers escape. As things unfold you'll find out that there is a bomb on board. While trying to find your way off the ship you'll run into a boss. Ocimoto's shadow. After defeating this boss, Rena will unveil one of her latest inventions. Capsule sealed Water Skii's, hop on and enjoy the fun!

Lunatic Coast
After riding to the beach you'll notice that the Guru and Rude will be having a conversation. And it turns out that they actually knew you were on-board too. Rude and Guru are headed to head to plutorian cave. The gang decides to follow. But whats the rush! Slow down and enjoy the beach. This would be a good time to stock up on Items and PowerBalls.

Flashback at Bransville
Once here Joe will tell about his past and why he dislikes the Guru as much as he does. After Joe's story. Head south to the edge of town. A little boy will loan you a snowboard. During this minigame, try to score higher than 2000. If you do then you'll receive a new PM. If you don't then don't sweat it. You'll get another shot at it later.

Secrets of Plutotonian Cave
After there conversation about the Shadow beings. The gang finds out that Guru and Babbage are here. After a while something happens. Super Soldier Arrives! The Guru thinks it would be best to leave. But Joe stops him! Super Soldier then takes Joe, and the rest of the gang, and puts them on the Guru's airship. Then somethig happens. Super Soldier turns on Guru! Slowly Ocimoto rises from the depths below! Babbage flees to the airship and they fly away!

Air War
In this scene the Guru and Babbage, along with Jacks and the others barely escape a powerfull attack by Super Soldier then return fire. Super Soldier is plunged into the ocean.

Jail Break!!!
Jacks and the others are behind bars. But soon Super Soldier attacks. A guy named Cid helps break them out. Head to the back where you can board an airship.

Transformed at Last!
Once aboard and safely flying away. Everyone begins to relax, but Super Soldier attacks again! And this time, his Big Ball Attack doesn't miss. It breaks the Airship in two! Tainks uses his anger and his deep will to help his friends to transform and become complete. He sends Super Soldier to the ground in two mighty blows! He shields the ship then it crashes!

Golden Star
Once here you can play the arcades if you wish you can win tons of prizes! But if you want to proceed with the story then head east past the airship then up. An old man will let you have the airship. Once airborn the crew will find out that the airship is out of fuel. So they land by Winhill.

Winhill, Town of AirShips
They find a guy named Harvey. He makes Airships for Warrior. But he doesn't like the Guru. The gang then finds out from him that there is fuel at Sugi reactor. He joins them as they head there.

The Ultimate Power Source
They bust into Sugi Reactor and take out the guards. There is a powerball at the center of the reactor. When they reach the end they find it! The Black PowerBall is here! But Shadows attack! Just defeat them then you can head back to Winhill! Once you reach Winhill sonething will happen. Cid has betrayed you! He takes off with the Guru and the Black PB!

Take Flight
After being betrayed by Cid. Harvey decides to use his ultimate airship and help STORM on their quest. He tells you how to use the airship. You use C to land and take off. Use the arrow keys to move around, and use spacebar to boost. Head to Winhill base which is directly above Winhill. Then head to Pandam Lab.

What's going on?
Upon arriving at Pandam Lab you'll see Grizzley 5 leaving. Then when you're about to leave, Cid comes and tries to re-join Storm. After a brief argument, Jacks understands Cid and lets him re-join after he tells them of the Guru's plans. Cid says to head for Midel. Harvey will tell you how to enter into the city. Just fly to it and don't get out of your ship. Instead just hit the select button.

Ultima is born!
When you land you'll be at the back of the complex. Just head in and keep straight. At your first chance make a left. There are some must have weapons in here. After getting them leave the room and head straight. When you enter the Lab, Proffessor Babbage and The Guru will be inside. But they raise the floor up to the roof and attack unleash the wrath of Ultima weapon upon you! To beat him keep using strong magic attacks and have Joe or Harvey in the party so they can use the missle launcher!

Our Worst Nightmare . . . Ocimoto is Complete!
After you defeat Ultima, guess who, . . . it's Super Soldier, but this time he does no fooling around. He grabs the Black PB that Ultima droped, and takes it to Ocimoto. Now Ocimoto is comlete, and more powerfull and sinister than ever. His first line of duty, he summons thousands of meteors to crash into the planet!

Meteor Attack!
As soon as Ocimoto unleashes his meteors, the Guru rushes off to StarBase. When you arrive at StarBase you'll notice that the Grizzley 5 are already there. Just beat'em up then fly the spaceship into space. Once in space blast as many meteors from the atmosphere as you can. If you blow up enough, you just might get a treat. When you return to the planet Grizzley 5 will show up again. But this time they will tell you that the Guru was planning something else crazy for them to do, so they quit and let him do it for himself. A cutscene shows Guru and SuperSoldier in a battle. And they both end up killing each other.

The Ultimate Battle!
At this point in the game you have reached the final battle. Just head down to Plutorian Cave and simply battle your way through. Before you face Ocimoto, power your characters up. Ocimoto is pretty tough, but if you spend enough time gaining experience, you shouldn't have any problems.

Fantasy One - Download
If you've come this far then you just might be interested in downloading this game! Good stuff! It is recommended that you install to "C:/FantasyOne". If you don't then the sound won't work properly. Good luck, and have fun :)

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