Dash Domino.

Shortly after finishing Fantasy One. I decided that it was time to move on to bigger and better things. Something... more original. I would design my own RPG with Microsoft Visual C++ 6!

What I did first was realize that a huge mistake in Fantasy One, was hard coding every single part of the game. Nothing was dynamic. From the characters respective stats and abilities to even the in game dialog. Everything was hardcoded! So with Dash Domino I decided to do the opposite, and make everything dynamic. I designed what I called, "The Vicom VR 2D RPG Development Toolkit". Everything from character design, special moves, stat settings forms, to even lining up weapons properly onto their respective characters for battle mode. As you can imagine, this took quite a while. Until at last! I had finally finished the front end (in VB6). Now all I had to do was develop the real-time game engine in C++. Which is where it really got fun!


Here was the viewers first look into our mysterious world of Dash Domino:

Dash Domino takes place in a magical fantasy world called Spur. Where there are 3 different race's of people. Human, Elkinois, and Fiends. Humans and Elkinois both live together in peace. Most Fiends tend to work together to overthrow the Humans and the Elkinois. The Fiends are eventually banished to the other world.

1000 years later in the year 1578 AD a scientist by the name of Dr. Domino finds ancient tablets, which he calls Domino's. He does experiments on them and eventually something happens. Fiends begin to appear in the world and they go on a rampage for 2 years destroying towns, cities and countless lives. Now everyone hates what Dr. Domino has done, and they want him to be punished. In the year 1580. The king has him arrested and thrown in the horrible Dragon's Lair for this. Everything seems to be doomed. But an unknown soldier emerges from the Western Kingdom Knights, and he finds a way to send the fiends back to where they came from. But in order to send the fiends away to the other world, he had to go too. The unfortunate Dr. Domino's widow Mrs. Domino has his son, and names him Dash.

The year is 1597 AD in the world of Spur and most of the technology is steam powered and man-driven. Dr. Domino's son Dash and his friend Cyrus are best friends that have know each other for years.King Diamond sends a notice to every male, Human and elkinois between 17 and 25 years of age. The notice is an invitation to a festival that is being held in honor of Princess Nadia Diamonds 18th birthday. He intends to find a Prince for his daughter, one whom is of worthy and noble character. Dash and Cyrus head for the Western Kingdom Castle, where the festival is being held. And here our story begins.

"Wizard Village" by Pasi Viitanen

Later I decided to scrap all of my hard work, and make Dash Domino into a 3D RPG! This was exciting. I moved from using C++ to working with a then, very popular 3D game language called Blitz 3D.

It was an uplifting experience I must say. I gathered together a team bent on completing this project. We had an amazing music composer and musician on board, a genius programmer, and two really good artists. We worked together, and really hard, moving forward accomplishing goal after goal.

Now since I no longer had to do everything, I no longer had to draw the concept art.

The plot for Dash Domino matured, as did the actual gameplay mechanics

We were all going well, until alas... it was shelved for a couple years.

Later I revived the project and started working again. This time on the battle engine. This work lasted shortly.

Again, a year later I brought the idea of Dash Domino back, this time for the Blender GE. That was the last that I did on it, back in 2008 before shoving it back into the closet.

I plan on one day bringing Dash Domino back out from our stuffed closet into production!

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